The Northern Ontario Joint Apprenticeship Council, otherwise referred to as "NOJAC", was established in the early 70's through a joint effort between the Electrical Contractors Association of Northern Ontario (ECANO) and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 1687. NOJAC was, and still is today, dedicated to the superior development of Electrical Apprentices in Northern Ontario.

The NOJAC Council consists of 3 representatives from the ECANO and 3 representatives from the IBEW Local 1687. Each party also appoints one alternate member to the council. Sitting at the NOJAC table, however, does not mean we sit as representatives of management and labour, but set aside our personal interests to sit as NOJAC, with only the interests of our electrical apprentices in mind. NOJAC works very closely with the Ministry of Education and Training, having their representatives sit in our meetings. This unique coalition has developed into a very effective tool in developing quality, skilled trade-persons in the electrical construction industry in Northern Ontario.

NOJAC is responsible for the development and implementation of the Apprenticeship Training Plan for all electrical trade apprentices under their jurisdiction. NOJAC monitors and verifies hours worked by the apprentice throughout their entire apprenticeship contract, and keeps up-to-date records on every apprentice with respect to the apprentice employment work record, trade school and supplementary courses taken by the apprentice.

Due to the very nature of the construction industry, it is common that an electrical apprentice work for several electrical contractors throughout their entire electrical apprenticeship. NOJAC provides the common denominator between the electrical apprentice and all the electrical contractors who will employ them, during their apprenticeship, ensuring that the electrical apprentice receives a consistent level of training and education throughout their entire contract of apprenticeship.

With cooperation from ECANO and the IBEW Local 1687, NOJAC goes well beyond the minimum training requirement of an electrical apprentice. Together, along with the co-operation from the Construction Safety Association of Ontario, NOJAC provides mandatory training to all of our electrical apprentices. All apprentices are required to take the Accident Prevention Educational Program, or APEP for short. This program consists of a five level courses and is delivered to the apprentice at appropriate times during their apprenticeship when they need this training the most.